Costumes must be ordered in advance and the fee is non-refundable.

______  $60 Girl’s Dance Costume

______  $40 Girl’s Tiny Tot Costume

______  $40 Girl’s Gymnastics Costume

______  $30 Boy’s Dance

______  $30 Boy’s Tiny Tot Costume

______  $20 Boy’s Gymnastics Costume

______  $95 Girl’s Dance and Gymnastics Costumes*

*Children enrolled in both Dance and Gymnastics may choose to participate with either one or both of their classes for the recital.

_______  $30 Auditorium fee (one per family) is due by May 1st, but may be paid now.

_______  $12 Home Practice CD (optional)

TOTAL  $_________  

Child's Name ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Parent's Signature _______________________________________________________________________________________

Name of your child's care center ____________________________________________________________________________

Send this slip by March 1st to: The Kid's Dance Company, 1900 Calloway Lane, Frisco TX 75034



Spring Show Location Change!!

Pioneer Heritage Middle School

1649 High Shoals Drive

Frisco, TX 75034

It’s time to start preparing for the Kid's Dance Company's 2017 Spring Show. The show is SUMMERTIME, and this year’s show includes great music from some of our all-time beachy tunes! We will be hitting the stage at Haggard Middle School in Plano on Saturday, May 13th for rehearsals. The shows will be on May 20th. Specific show times will be provided in the March newsletter.    

Our regular, fun and educational classroom program will continue through the end of May for all students, even if they choose to not participate in the Spring Show. 

Please notify KDC by March 1st if your child WILL OR WILL NOT be in the Spring Show. Costumes will be ordered the first week in March, and you will be responsible for payment unless you have notified the KDC business office (email: director@kidsdancecompany.com) that your child will not be in the Spring Show by the March 1st deadline. 

The Rehearsal - Your child is welcome to participate in the Show even if you will miss the rehearsal (or vice versa... if you have to miss the Show, you can still participate in Rehearsals and Pictures). Just arrive 10 minutes early to your assigned show time so your child’s teacher will have time to go over the stage layout.

The Spring Show is an informal, low-pressure program designed to be fun for children. During the show, the children's teacher is dancing along with the students to encourage and help them so they feel like the star of the show!  We don't ask the children to memorize complicated routines. Each show will last about one hour.  Dance students will perform routines for tap and ballet.  Gymnastics students will perform a gymnastics routine during the show.  Students that are enrolled in both Dance and Gymnastics may choose to participate with either one or both of their classes.  Tiny Tot students will do a dance and a tumbling routine.  All students will participate in the Grand Finale.​

A Home Practice Audio CD of the children's Spring Show music and routines is available.  This audio CD helps build your child's confidence when preparing for the show.  The more familiar the children are with the material, the more comfortable they'll be on stage.  To order online, visit www.kidsdancecompany.com or call the KDC office at 972-612-7000.  CDs are $12, which includes sales tax. 

An Auditorium Fee of $30 per family will be due May 1st.  This one fee entitles you to bring the whole family. (The auditorium fee pays for stage and auditorium rental including rehearsal, custodians, energy fee, insurance, dressing rooms, backstage and dressing room crew, scenery, shared costumes and props, and program printing.)  Admission is FREE! No tickets are required.  Invite your family and friends! 

Costumes:  Costume total package price, including sales tax, is:

  • $60 for Dance girls
  • $40 for Tiny Tot girls and Gymnastics girls
  • $30 for Tiny Tot boys and Dance boys
  • $20 for Gymnastics boys
  • $95 for girls doing both dance and gymnastics during the recital

Costumes must be prepaid and fees are due now.  Orders placed after March 1st incur an additional $5 supplier shipping fee and may not be available. ​

Dance Girls will receive a fancy ballet costume with a special leotard, tutu, chest piece and head piece, a second tutu and head piece for the finale, tights, tap shoe bows, and accessories for all three of their dances.   

Boys in Dance Class and Tiny Tots Class will wear a sequined vest, a top hat, and a sequin bow tie.  Each boy will need his own black trousers and white shirt to wear with all his costumes.

Tiny Tot Girls will receive a leotard, matching tutu, head piece, chest piece, and tights. 

Additionally, to keep your costs down, we will provide shared props and wardrobe accessories for your child to borrow during their tap dance. 

Dance Shoes are recommended, but not required, for children in dance in the Spring Show.  Tiny Tot students may use tennis shoes. If your dance student does not already have tap and ballet shoes, and you plan on them participating in the Show, please consider purchasing them now so your child will have a chance to break in the shoes and get accustomed to dancing in them. KDC offers ballet shoes ($18) and tap shoes ($22) for purchase. Your child’s teacher will take measurements to ensure proper fit and deliver the shoes to dance class.

Awards: Returning students will receive awards at the show for their number of years in KDC.  Every child will receive a participation award.

Volunteer "Special Moms" are needed, one per class, to help with costume changes during the show.  Reserved front row seats will be provided to these backstage helpers during their children's performance.  If you can help, please notify the KDC business office.

We look forward to seeing you at the show! Specific times and map to the Spring Show will be included in the April Newsletter and on the KDC website: www.kidsdancecompany.com.

Spring Break:  Please remember that we observe the same Spring Break holiday as public schools.  Check the school bulletin board or schedule details for your school.  Type your paragraph here.


Teaching little dancers since 1969!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

(Rehearsals May 13th)
KDC Spring Show
Pioneer Heritage Middle School, Frisco

Specific rehearsal and show times will be provided in April via the newsletter and online at www.kidsdancecompany.com

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