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Classes are held once a week at your child's school and last 45 minutes to 1 hour. Classes are normally 8 to 12 children of similar ages. KDC reserves the right to cancel class if school enrollment falls below the minimum requirement.


Tuition is payable by the first class of each month. There is an annual registration fee of $25 per family. Make checks pertaining to dance payable to The Kid's Dance Company.  Please do not combine dance payments with your other school payments. After initial enrollment, tuition checks or money orders should be mailed directly to the KDC business office. When new students enroll late in the year, their first month's tuition will be pro-rated according to the number of remaining classes that month.


Classes begin in September and continue through the end of May*. Students are welcome to join class at any time. Late comers may participate in the Spring Show in most cases, with the instructor's permission. Dance Class observes major public school holidays at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break. KDC Dance Class is not held during the summer, but special dance programs may be offered at some schools.

* Some schools participation may vary.


To enhance the children's enjoyment of KDC Dance Class, we recommend, but do not require, both ballet shoes and tap shoes.  Socks or tights must be worn with all dance shoes. Boys may prefer to use tennis shoes instead of ballet shoes.


Shorts and T-shirts (or warm up suits in cold weather) are fine for both boys and girls. For girls, leotards and tights are also appropriate.


Your child should wear his or her dancewear to school on dance class days. We do not change students' clothes at school as this interferes with dance class time. Girls should wear "cover-ups" such as shorts, pants or skirts over their leotards. Then they can slip these off quickly and be ready for dance class immediately. Tights are recommended during cold weather, otherwise a pair of socks is all that is needed. Special note for parents of very young girls: Please use your judgment whether or not your little girl can handle a leotard at school all day long. We'd rather she dance in shorts and a T-shirt than have her embarrassed by accidents.


For your convenience, we offer quality dance equipment as follows: KDC T-shirts for everybody. For girls: Leotards, white tights, tap shoes, ballet shoes. For boys: we can special order boy-style tap shoes.


As as extra service to help motivate children to practice at home, we periodically prepare audio CD's of their dance routines. The CD's include music with voice instructions, plus written instructions for the dances. There is a nominal extra charge for Home Practice CD's.


Newsletters and announcements are e-mailed directly to you during the year. Please keep us informed of any e-mail address changes or corrections so we can communicate with you about dance activities. Watch for signs on the school bulletin board for dance announcements. Also, for motivation and positive reinforcement Technique Cards and Coloring Pictures are sent home with the children on a regular basis.


Parents can observe their child's progress at a "Parent's Visitation Class" held the 3rd week of February at regular class time. Parents are respectfully requested not to attend regular dance class, so that the dance teacher can have the children's undivided attention.


The Spring Show is held at the end of the school year. This is an optional, fully costumed production presented at an auditorium. Please anticipate some additional expense for costumes and auditorium fees for Spring Show. These costs are minimal when compared to the enjoyment and reward the show brings the children.


Please mail your payments directly to the KDC Office (TKDC 1900 Calloway Lane, Frisco, TX 75034) prior to the first dance class of the month. No monthly statements are sent except when an account is delinquent. A $5 late fee is added to accounts not paid by the 10th of the month. Caution: Leaving KDC payments at the school causes considerable delay in having them credited to your account, which may result in late charges. KDC cannot be responsible for cash payments left at school.


Tuition is based on an average of 4 sessions monthly, over the school term. Tuition is the same every month, regardless of months with 5 classes, holidays, rehearsals, Spring Show or absences. No refunds given for missed classes.


If your child withdraws from dance during the year, please notify the KDC business office directly, otherwise your child will continue to be included and you will continue to be responsible for tuition.

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