The Kid's Dance Company


  • Successful applicants attend an interview, orientation & audition session with KDC staff.
  • If everything "fits" we execute a "Joint Venture Agreement" to teach dance in private schools and day care centers.
  • Your Instructor Coordinator, an experienced KDC teacher, works with you during your certification period.
  • You attend a curriculum orientation & training session, and you are invited to attend actual KDC dance class with an experienced instructor.
  • KDC provides you with a new teacher kit of curriculum materials to help start your KDC teaching career.
  • You provide KDC with a schedule of your availability, and KDC assigns schools based on your availability.
  • You teach weekly classes in your schools, with the complete support of the KDC staff.
  • You complete your three-month certification review and become a Certified KDC Instructor.

CONGRATULATIONS! You are on your way to a fun and rewarding venture of helping children enjoy the magic of dance!


Would you or someone you know be interested in a fun and rewarding part time job as a Kid's Dance Company dance instructor? We are currently taking applications for new teachers. For more details and an application, contact the KDC business office at 972-612-7000 or click on the link below.


Teaching little dancers since 1969!